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I recently shot artist Sandra Clark for Wailea Magazine. Her work was stunning and saturated with color and her light filled home was the perfect backdrop for the shoot. I haven’t seen the publication but it should “hit the streets” (of Wailea) soon! Her works can be seen in person at Napua Gallery at the Grand Wailea Resort.

Nina Maui Photography Sandra Clark Wailea Magazine Wailea Artist Sandra Clark for Wailea Magazine

When I was sent on assignment to Amasia by Maui No Ka Oi magazine, I  was in for a lot of surprises! The smooth bar was made out of unfinished wood and was as soft as fine leather, and I was told it had to be sanded every night to keep it looking so pristine. You can appreciate the grain in the Dining cover photo below. The traditional Japanese restaurant was lovingly updated with beautiful accents to the interior, but definitely remains true to it’s heritage. Chef Alan Wong was great to work with and photograph, a stoic and humble man with an infectious smile… and yes! Also a passionate food photographer! Here are some fun additional photos and outtakes.

Nina Maui Photography Amasia Alan Wong 2 Photographing Alan Wong at Amasia

Nina Maui Photography Amasia Alan Wong 3 Photographing Alan Wong at Amasia

Nina Maui Photography Amasia Alan Wong 1 Photographing Alan Wong at Amasia

I had the great pleasure of shooting artist Maia Marinelli for Modern Luxury Magazine. Her close relationship to wind in her artwork naturally led us to Sprecklesville beach on Maui’s North Shore, a well known playground for windsurfers. She needed little direction and looked beautiful and natural against the spectacular backdrop!

Nina Maui Photography Maia Marinelli Maui 1024x580 Portrait of Maia Marinelli for Modern Luxury Hawaii

There’s something about lacquer rich colors and steely bright chrome that make my eyes giddy and heart pound. I visited my first Maui car show this weekend at Piilani village to relish in a classic car showdown. Symbols of nostalgia and dedication, these young at hearts take passion to the next level! Here are some of my favorite shots from that day.  Wanna see these beautiful beasts with your own eyes? Visit to find out when the next gathering is!Nina Maui Photography Kihei Piilani Car Show 21 Mauis Piilani Classic Car Show

Nina Maui Photography Kihei Piilani Car Show 11 Mauis Piilani Classic Car Show

Nina Maui Photography Kihei Piilani Car Show 3 Mauis Piilani Classic Car Show

I had no idea that there used to a zoo on Maui,  and I definitely didn’t know that there is now a beautiful Botanical Garden in it’s place! Full of native plants, I’ve started taking lunches there from time to time with my husband to sit in a quiet oasis of native Hawaiian plants and trees… for free! Check it out on a lazy weekend afternoon… visit for directions and hours. Here are some of the tear sheets from the article just published in Maui No Ka Oi Magazine, designed by Art Director John Giordani.Nina Maui Photography Maui Nui Botanical Gardens 1 Maui Nui Botanical Gardens in Kahului

Nina Maui Photography Maui Nui Botanical Gardens 3 Maui Nui Botanical Gardens in Kahului

Every year Maui No Ka Oi honors members in the community that have made it their personal missions to be protectors of Maui’s beautiful natural environment, and every year I have the pleasure of meeting and photographing them for the story. This year, MNKO featured Captain Jim Coon, founder and owner of eco-friendly Trilogy Excursions, who also donates his boats monthly to reef clean up; Bryon Stevens, a Natural Area Reserves specialist celebrating 20 years of service,  and Kuhea Paracuelles, who has dedicated her life to environmental conservation and now oversees the outreach and internship programs for Haleakala National Park hoping to inspire youth to consider careers in nature conservation. These are very inspiring and passionate people, and it’s an honor to be able to take their portraits!Nina Maui Photography Captain Jim Coon Trilogy Maui No Ka Oi Environmental Heroes Issue

Nina Maui Photography Kuhea Parcuelles Maui No Ka Oi Environmental Heroes Issue

The latest cover of Maui No Ka Oi magazine, the Best Of Maui Issue! I was so honored to have this photo featured for this year’s Best of Issue. I had also shot this portrait of Chef Ryan Luckey that same day. After he created this incredible dish, we sat out on the lanai for a quick portrait. The light was a touch overcast, as is often the case in Kapalua, creating a wonderful effect for our shoot.Nina Maui Photography Cover Chef Ryan Luckey Latest Cover for Maui No Ka Oi Magazine

It’s hard not to take an awesome photo of a beautiful person in a beautiful setting. It’s just a recipe for a gorgeous shoot! A recent photo session at Kapalua Bay Beach Club made my job wonderfully easy. Here are two of my favorites from a casual portrait session the day before this beautiful bride’s wedding.  She was the picture of relaxed beauty… really a treat to photograph!Nina Maui Photography Tropical Portrait 1024x768 Portrait at the Kapalua Bay Beach Club

Pita Paradise Wailea

March 11, 2012

The cutest Maui couple ever also are the hardest working!  I recently had the pleasure of working with Christine and John on some food photos and portraits in their Pita Paradise Wailea location.  John is a fisherman and catches all the fish for the restaurant while Christine runs the restaurant (and happens to be stunningly gorgeous).  Here are two of my favorites photos. Nina Maui Photography Pita Paradise Wailea Pita Paradise Wailea

Although the morning of our shoot at the Grand Wailea was cloudy and grey, we simply adapted to continue our mission to  make beautiful photographs! Thanks to designer and stylist extraordinaire Conn Brattain’s amazing talents and art direction by John Giordani, the shoot was a beautiful and luxurious and just a whole lot of fun. Here is sneak peak of beautiful Maui models Jessica Dungans and Karise Hallsten in gorgeous swimwear designed by Puka Puka in Paia with Louis Vuitton Clutch and bangles from Tiffany’s. Kairse is pictured on the right getting ready for her closeup!  More to come soon!Nina Maui Photography Grand Wailea Fashion Sneak Peek at our Fashion Shoot in Wailea!